Solution: Security Operations Center (SOC)

Solution: Security Operations Center (SOC)


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CSOC - Certified Security Operations Center GmbH

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Security Operations Center (SOC)

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Fred Schmidt


"security operation centre monitors your IT systems for possible cyber attacks and protects against data loss."

The SOC as a service monitors your IT systems for possible cyber attacks and protects against production downtime, data loss, image damage, etc and the associated financial risks.

With the combination of automatic detection and the use of expert knowledge, the SOC as a Service ensures the fastest possible detection of various attack scenarios.

Further optional services can be booked in addition to this core service of the SOC as a Service:

Active Response

The SOC as a Service also includes the Active Response option and the Auto Escalation function. In the event of an attack, the system can intervene automatically if desired and disconnect or block systems from the network (Active Response) and actively warn other systems (Auto Escalation).

24/7 control centre service

With the 24/7 control centre, we offer our customers monitoring services around the clock. It takes over the active monitoring and analysis of all integrated systems, detects IT vulnerabilities, alerts in case of threats and reports immediately to the IT managers.

With the help of supplementary IT security checks, our cyber security experts check the IT infrastructure, networks and web applications thoroughly, using methods and techniques similar to a real hacker attack. For example, our Red Team continuously simulates attacks to generate probability estimates of successful compromises.

V-Scan – Additional examinations on defined systems

The V-Scanner (vulnerability scanner), which is also optional, actively examines your target systems for actual vulnerabilities related to your operating system, services and configurations.

The findings help administrators identify and fix patch flaws and misconfiguration’s that can be used immediately to attack IT systems. The results of the V-Scanner are seamlessly integrated into the CSOC customer dashboard, from where information on the identified vulnerabilities can be extracted and used to remediate them.

OT security

In addition, we are developing enhanced OT security solutions for our industrial and healthcare customers that quickly detect attack attempts and give companies time to respond before attackers can cause damage. This includes solutions such as Anomaly Machine Learning, which can detect abnormal behaviour within assets and network communications.

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